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We hope for a world where we can buy what we want without compromising the ecosystem, with the awareness that we have not harmed anyone. We have the right to know what lies behind our clothing. We need events, conferences, but above all concrete actions. In this blog category we talk about associations for the protection of the textile sector, petitions and campaigns, events, summits and applications.

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Participants in the responsible fashion movement (MMR)
Events and Campaigns

Manifesto for Responsible Fashion (MMR)

From the collaboration between over 20 realities, the Responsible Fashion Movement (MMR) was born 10 years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, a group of over 20 realities including brands, producers, companies,

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Clean Clothes Campaign civil protest
Events and Campaigns

Clean Clothes Campaign for a more ethical fashion

What is the Clean Clothes Campaign? Clean Clothes Campaign is an international network dedicated to improving the working conditions of the apparel industry. She mainly deals with ethical fashion and social aspects,

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