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Do you love the environment and want to help us preserve it? Find out the damage the textile industry is causing to the entire ecosystem. Here you will find all the information you need to assess the devastating environmental impact of fashion.

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Participants in the responsible fashion movement (MMR)
Events and Campaigns

Manifesto for Responsible Fashion (MMR)

From the collaboration between over 20 realities, the Responsible Fashion Movement (MMR) was born 10 years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, a group of over 20 realities including brands, producers, companies,

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Zalando's CO2 emissions from 2017 to 2021
Fashion Brands

The growth of Zalando's CO2 emissions

How much CO2 does Zalando emit? Year Direct emissions Energy emissions (indirect) Indirect emissions Total CO2 emissions Change (+/-%) 2017 4.935 21.290 2.607.887 2.634.112 – 2018 5.701 1.678 3.331.724 3.339.103 +26.77% 2019

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Feet with socks on a lawn of leaves
Changing Fashion

The Evolution of Green Fashion

Interest in green fashion is on the rise, also thanks to COVID What happens in the textile sector is known only to people who are informed on the subject: the environmental and social impact of industry

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Changing Fashion

Environmental Pollution Textile Industry

Environmental impact of the textile industry According to some studies, the textile industry is second in the world for the rate of environmental pollution. Every year with the passing of "fashions" our wardrobes do

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