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Are you looking for shoes? Preview the collections of the best Italian and foreign brands. Here you will find all the information you need for your conscious purchases.

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Drexcode website screen to rent or buy luxury fashion, also used
Fashion Brands

Drexcode, Rent or Buy Luxury Fashion

What is Drexcode? Drexcode is a fashion marketplace where you can buy or rent luxury products, either nuovi that you used. It is an Italian project born in 2013 and spread

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Fashion Brands

TOP 10 Italian Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable Fashion, how and where to buy it In recent years, more and more Italian brands have been born with the nickname of "sustainable fashion brands", whether for purely commercial reasons,

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Changing Fashion

Vegan Clothing for a Cruelty Free Future

When is clothing vegan? It is undoubtedly the first question we must answer: clothing is vegan when its composition does not include raw materials of animal origin and at the same

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Fashion Brands

But, sell and buy used clothes like nuovi

Used clothes yes, but as they were nuoyou! How many of us find practically used clothes in the closet nuoyou? bought on impulse, a wrong size, a gift never given or a forgotten return.

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