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Are you interested in Vegan fashion? Preview the collections of the best Italian and foreign brands. Here you will find all the information you need for your Cruelty Free purchases.

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Fashion Brands

TOP 10 Italian Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable Fashion, how and where to buy it In recent years, more and more Italian brands have been born with the nickname of "sustainable fashion brands", whether for purely commercial reasons,

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Changing Fashion

Vegan Clothing for a Cruelty Free Future

When is clothing vegan? It is undoubtedly the first question we must answer: clothing is vegan when its composition does not include raw materials of animal origin and at the same

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Changing Fashion

Things to Know Before Buying Real Fur

Goodbye real furs, now we want them ecological and cruelty free. This is the message that many brands, associations and consumers have been sending for some years now. Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace,

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Innovative textile material in the laboratory
Changing Fashion

Boom of Innovative Materials in Textiles

In the next 5 years + 80% of innovative ecological materials The fashion trend of the next few years will be characterized by innovative materials of nuova generation and bio-based. Designed to replace the

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