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What PETA?

Logo Peta
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an international charity. PETA protects animal rights around the world by investigating the origin of various products on the market, and subsequently disclosing information to consumers.

PETA has been working for years in the textile sector to sponsor alternative materials to those of animal origin, but not only deals with the textile sector, in fact it works in many other sectors, including cosmetics (the first sector successfully addressed by the association), but also in the food and entertainment industries.

La People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA It is synonymous with cruelty free fashion, as well as considered the largest animal rights organization on an international scale. Along with certification Animal Free Fashion (LAV), is certainly the most widespread label globally both in textiles and in other sectors.

We can therefore choose products with labels PETA with the certainty of buying vegan clothing.

We often talk about these topics, highlighting the importance of textile certifications both for those who want to buy ecological products, and for those who follow the vegan lifestyle and want to be sure to buy products that do not create suffering for animals of any species.

Benefits Vegan clothing (cruelty free)

But it is good to know that buying products made with synthetic materials, or products made with materials of vegetable origin of dubious origin, is not the same as dressing vegan. The environmental impact of these materials is often devastating for the environment and consequently, a polluting product cannot be considered cruelty free.

To be sure of buying cruelty free textile products, in addition to the composition of the garment which clearly must not contain materials of animal origin, a guarantee of sustainability is absolutely necessary, a guarantee that can only be identified thanks to textile certifications such as PETA.

If you want more information on this topic read our article 5 Reasons To Buy Vegan Clothing Even If You Are Omnivorous

PETA protects the rights of animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA is a charity for the protection of animal rights with several offices around the world. The goal of PETA it is very clear: reduce the exploitation of animals in various areas of their competence.

The meaning of PETA is: Activists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA is the largest animal rights movement, and with over 6,5 million members and supporters it focuses its attention on four areas most at risk for the animal world:

  1. Scientific laboratories
  2. Food industry
  3. Textile industry
  4. Entertainment industry

PETA it also works in other areas that we can consider less relevant, but which are actually just as important as the cruel killing of rodents, birds and other animals often considered “parasites” in agriculture, but also in modern cities. PETA it also deals with protecting violence against domestic animals, based on citizens' reports.

This commitment to animal rights translates into:

  • Public education
  • Cruelty Research and Investigation
  • Rescue of animals
  • Legislation
  • Dedicated events
  • Involvement of celebrities
  • Protest campaigns

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Logo Vesti la natura Verde

PETA Italy

At the moment there is no headquarters of PETA in Italy, however, we hope it will soon arrive in our country as well. We certainly feel the need. It is however possible to find fashion produced in Italy certified PETA, as the entity allows access to the trademark PETA in any country in the world.

PETA has physical offices in various European and non-European countries:

  • PETA England
  • PETA France
  • PETA Germany
  • PETA Holland
  • PETA India
  • PETA Australia
  • PETA Asia
  • PETA Spain

PETA for Cruelty Free Fashion

PETA It is synonymous with Cruelty Free and like other textile certifications of this type, for example Animal Free Fashion, VeganOK e Fur Free, has been fighting for years to protect animals of all species, exploited by man to take resources such as skin, fur coats, feathers, silk and wool.

To be sure that the product we want to buy is certified PETA, we need to make sure the logo is present PETA VEGAN APPROVED. This logo can be printed on the product packaging, or on the product label itself, be it clothing, bags, shoes or fashion accessories.


Discover Cruelty Free Brands and Products on the PETA

La cruelty free fashion it is undoubtedly one of the "ribs" of the sustainable fashion Contemporary.

The goal of PETA is to convince even "sympathizers of the animal world" (not just vegans) to make more informed choices, since while not following a vegan lifestyle, they could easily renounce materials of animal origin, at least in the textile sector as well as in the cosmetic sector.

Unfortunately, the renunciation of materials of animal origin is not always good for the environment, since these products are often made with synthetic materials, just think of what is called eco-leather, which in spite of the name is anything but ecological, or at synthetic fur. When we buy a certified product PETA we are "almost certain" to buy an ecological product as well as cruelty free.

The point is the "almost certain", since PETA it does not include scientific tests on the synthetic materials used. It could therefore happen to buy a bag PETA which uses an environmentally polluting material, and this is clearly not the ideal choice.

Malai vegan leather in natural colors

We always said that vegan and environmental sustainability should go hand in hand.

Using cruelty free materials is fine to avoid suffering and death in the animal world, but vegan products must necessarily be ecological, otherwise it would make no sense: a polluting material equally creates suffering and death in the animal world, directly with water pollution or atmospheric.

Fortunately, many brands that choose the cruelty free way are equally attentive to environmental sustainability, and usually choose what today are defined as vegan leathers.

Most of these materials offer characteristics similar to leathers of animal origin, are of the latest generation and have textile certifications that attest to their environmental sustainability, derive (at least in part) from organic materials, but not all are as sustainable as they want to do. to believe.

Certified vegan clothing PETA

Certified clothing PETA it is widespread in Europe, but its use is quite limited in Italy.

When we talk about vegan clothing in our country, we must understand that we are a few steps behind many other European countries where, probably, these topics are more considered by both the media and consumers. See England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries, but also France and Belgium.

Leaving aside countries such as Romania, Lithuania, etc, Italy is one of the rearmost in Europe, but not only for cruelty free fashion, but more generally for sustainable fashion. Yet we have one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan, which should "pull" these nuothere fashion concepts.

There is still a lot of work to be done, as consumers lack basic information, information that should come on a large scale from the media, because in other countries they have been talking about these topics in newspapers and on television for years, while in Italy we rarely hear about them.

However, we remain optimistic for the future, the trend has started, and certainly will not stop. Check to this campaign of PETA

Certified vegan shoes PETA

All certified shoes PETA are vegan shoes. The shoes PETA are in great demand in Italy, certainly much more than clothing. The growing demand for these products has moved the market, and many great fashion brands have chosen to create shoes without materials of animal origin.

We are pleased to note that even small artisan realities are born with the intention of conquering a slice of this market, creating interesting lines of certified shoes PETA, often difficult to find in stores, but certainly easily available online.

Certified vegan bags PETA

All certified bags PETA are vegan bags. The bags PETA are quite in demand in the Italian market and, even if the demand is still lower than for shoes, more and more fashion brands are creating lines of bags without materials of animal origin.

Even for bags, as for shoes, most of these brands are small artisanal or semi-industrial realities. We can hardly find certified bags in large distribution chains PETA, but also in this case the online market is full of interesting offers.

But .. you are looking for certified products PETA?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

Illustration of a green dress

The Urban Outrage campaign by PETA


This is the first message we read when opening the site of Urban Outraged, nuovo “shop” of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - an international organization for the protection of animal rights) that "sells" products made with human-derived skin.

PETA Urbad Outraged human leather pants in ecommerce

Built to look like a true online shopping experience (but of course the products are fake and not really for sale), the website aims to make visitors question because we consider it acceptable to use the skin of any living thing.

PETA invited Urban Outfitters brands, including Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters, to stop selling cruel products made from animal materials.

Cattle are killed, birds are restrained while handfuls of feathers are plucked from their skins, foxes and ferrets are raised in tight cages for their furs, sheep are often beaten and maimed by workers.

But fashion brands refuse to act, and PETA chose to ask people: "Who are you wearing?"

The nonprofit organization is taking this question literally in its own nuova campaign which is aimed primarily at the leather clothing company Urban Outfitters, but that will surely hit many other brands.

With the slogan "style that demands a second look“, The fictional shop of PETA, Urban Outraged, sells jackets, boots, skirts and bags made with the "finest" human skin.

PETA Urban Outraged home page of the site with products made of human skin

Human faces on jackets, teeth smiling in the soles of shoes and blood dripping from bags.

This nuogoes chilling campaign launched by PETA aims to make Urban Outfitters understand that we are all sentient beings with emotions, intelligence and a desire to live, and therefore must simply stop selling leather products.

PETA Urban Outraged website home page with human skin products for sale

"Animals are not fabrics and their skin is not ours", says the director of PETA Elise Allen. "The Urban Outraged campaign challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every piece of animal skin and leave those products on the shelves.

PETA Urban Outraged Ironic review on the website

The shopping experience of the countryside Urban Outraged is getting great media feedback, it is advertised on social media through dedicated channels, parodies, blogs, magazines and associations like ours talk about it all over the world, and there is also a sharing system based on "gift cards" that can be shared with their acquaintances.

This gift card is designed to look real and will connect the recipient to the website, perhaps unaware, they will find products in human skin and will have the opportunity to reflect on their future purchases.

Official video of the Urban Outrage campaign by PETA

How to support the Urban Outrage campaign by PETA

There are mainly 4 ways to support this campaign, and we highly recommend applying all four, as they require minimal effort, but will be of great help in supporting the evolution of cruelty free fashion:

  1. Visit the UrbanOutraged.com website
  2. Send a "gift card" to a friend by filling in the appropriate form
  3. Message Urban Outfitters
  4. Share this article (or their website) on your social networks using the buttons at the bottom of this page

How to Obtain Certification PETA

Certification PETA for fashion brands it has a minimum fixed cost of 250 € per year (variable based on the company's turnover). Once the membership application has been filled in via an online form and the annual fee has been paid, it will be possible to insert the logo PETA VEGAN APPROVED immediately after acceptance by the institution.


The logo PETA VEGAN APPROVED it can be printed on product labels made with vegan materials and on product sheets on the company's web pages.

Companies that exclusively sell vegan products can insert the logo PETA VEGAN APPROVED on shop signs, flyers, website home pages and social networks. This allows consumers to consciously purchase vegan products, never doubting that animals are exploited or killed to make the brand's products.

PETA for Companies

Are you a producer? You want to get certified PETA and apply the logo PETA APPROVED VEGAN on your products? Then you have to contact the certifying body: PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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