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What Equo Garantito?

Equo Garantito (formerly AGICES) is the Italian General Assembly of Fair Trade and has been representing the organizations that adhere to the Italian Charter of Fair Trade Criteria for 20 years. The vision is that of a world where business practices are fairer and more sustainable and help promote development and social justice by eliminating poverty.

The association Equo Garantito works for:

    • Monitor the Italian Fair Trade organizations through a guarantee system recognized internationally by the World Fair Trade Organization - WFTO;
    • Promote Fair Trade through awareness and information campaigns;
    • Carry out training and education activities for responsible and sustainable consumption aimed at participating Members and citizens and consumers;
    • Promote and encourage, in collaboration with local, national and international institutions, policies in favor of Fair Trade and for a more equitable and sustainable consumption and production.

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Certification standard Equo Garantito

Equo Garantito qualifies the Italian organizations of Fair trade thanks to a monitoring system that verifies the requirements and evaluation elements, which translate into practice the principles contained in the Italian Charter of Fair Trade Criteria and implement the international standard of WFTO.

Fair Trade, as seen when talking about certification FairTrade, is an equal relationship between all those involved in the marketing chain from producers to consumers: it promotes social and economic justice, sustainable development, respect for people and the environment, through trade, the growth of consumer awareness and 'education. Therefore the standard, described by the Registry Management Regulations, concerns these areas:

      • Democracy and transparency of the organization;
      • Promotion of Fair Trade in commercial and info-educational activities;
      • Staff working conditions;
      • Relations with producers;
      • Network work;
      • Respect for the environment.

Equo Garantito provides for the possibility of affixing the "Equo Garantito”On the products that are made and / or distributed by its partners, five of which produce clothing and accessories. So let's talk about ethical fashion, but above all of fair trade fashion, which are very similar to each other in several respects.

Equo Garantito is a member of the global Fair Trade organization WFTO, which represents and monitors over 400 Fair Trade organizations in 70 countries.

The monitoring system of Equo Garantito consists of 3 basic steps: Self-assessment, Internal Verification carried out by Equo Garantito on its members, External Verification:

      1. SELF EVALUATION: the organizations fill out a form every year that photographs their situation in terms of personal data, economic and human resources involved, and compliance with the requirements of Fair Trade;
      2. INTERNAL VERIFICATION: Equo Garantito, through its staff and a group of evaluators that the association has qualified and continues to train over time, verify the correct compilation of the Self-Assessment Forms and sample visit 25% of the member organizations, to monitor the truthfulness and correctness of the data "in the field".
      3. EXTERNAL VERIFICATION: it is carried out by an independent external body which certifies the system Equo Garantito.
But .. you are looking for certified products Equo Garantito?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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History, evolution, and future projects of Equo Garantito

The AGICES Association was formally established in 2003 after a collegial path of the Italian organizations of Fair trade lasted a few years and culminated in the drafting of the Italian Charter of Fair Trade, of which the association is the custodian, and in the structuring of the monitoring system.

In the following years, this system was consolidated, and the association itself, named since 2015 Equo Garantito, has expanded awareness activities and services for its members. Thanks to the constant advocacy activity, 12 regional laws were born in support of Fair Trade and the work continues to reach the national one.

Equo Garantito is partner of several European projects and national foundations and supports its members in fundraising.

In the Assembly of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in 2017, it was decided to extend the status of Fair and Solidarity producer to local entities as well.

In Italy, the Assembly of Equo Garantito has therefore updated the Italian Charter of Fair Trade Criteria to be able to register in the Italian Register of Fair Trade Organizations, also the Italian non-profit organizations that carry out production activities of raw and processed materials, as long as they comply with the criteria and standards defined at the Italian level on the basis of those of WFTO and have as their purpose the creation of opportunities for small producers and / or economically disadvantaged workers.

Equo Garantito it is therefore in one nuothe scouting phase and expansion of the social base towards those realities that have long collaborated with Fair Trade organizations and support responsible, sustainable, artisanal and high quality supply chains, for the inclusion of weak subjects.

Equo Garantito for Companies

Are you a non-profit organization or business that produces in Italy by supporting the local economy and promoting opportunities for producers and workers in difficult and economically disadvantaged contexts?

Fair Trade supports you in promoting and disseminating products through its network and ensuring that your production chain is truly fair and sustainable. Associate with the world Equo Garantito it is easy, by adhering to the principles and values ​​of Fair Trade and to the account monitoring systemnuo promoted by this organization, it fully enters the world of Fair Trade.

Are you a company that intends to make ethical and sustainable purchases for its staff or looking for fair trade raw materials for its products? Consult the list of members Equo Garantito and contact the organization closest to you.

Do you want to train management and employees on Fair Trade and strengthen actions towards Corporate Social Responsibility? Consult the online courses on the dedicated e-learning platform, or contact Equo Garantito for tailor-made training interventions.

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