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What Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a non-profit organization and is regarded as the main certification of the fair trade in the world. It collaborates with over 2.400 companies to verify and certify that the products offered comply with the standards imposed by fair trade.

By purchasing a branded product FAIRTRADE, we are confident that this respects the principles of fair trade, which require producers to promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions for workers and farmers.

Fair trade changes the lives of millions of people by "changing traditional trade", giving dignity and security to farmers and workers in developing countries.

Fairtrade is the leading independent global movement for the promotion of fair trade, as well as one of the most recognized and trusted trade standards in major world markets.

For the Italian fair trade market see also the certification Equo Garantito

There are various organizations that are part of the named group Fairtrade International, among which Fairtrade America and Fairtrade Italy. Each works with companies and consumers of their own territory.

Fairtrade it does not only deal with the textile sector, but also with other commercial sectors (especially food), always putting what we define first in its objectives.ethics social".

In order for companies to label their products as Fairtrade, these must meet stringent certification criteria. In addition to promoting sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions, the standards of Fairtrade they also embrace environmental protection, supply chain transparency and community empowerment.

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Certification Standard Fairtrade

Whenever a certified product Fairtrade it is placed on the market and bought by a consumer, farmers and workers earn additional money. Money useful for their survival, and consequently for the entire community to which they belong.

Fairtrade it can certify the raw material alone, or the entire textile supply chain. In the second case it certifies the fair trade fashion, embracing all the policies of the ethical fashion, but with a higher impact than other certifications such as FWF e SA8000.

Fair trade was born as a valid alternative to classic capitalist trade. Fairtrade is based on partnership: the interests of farmers and workers are as important as other economic-commercial considerations, so much so that in the organisation's general assembly 50% of the seats are occupied by producer organizations

Fairtrade it therefore represents a valid solution to combat poverty, and a model of sustainable development on a global scale.

Economic criteria of Fairtrade

  • the Minimum Price Fairtrade: which aims to give producers a safety net in case market prices plummet, and allows them to make long-term plans.
  • The prize Fairtrade: an additional sum of money that farmers and workers decide how to invest to improve the quality of their life and work.
  • Access to capital to make producers' activities more stable, through long-term commercial partnerships and pre-financing paid by buyers to producers who request them.

Environmental criteria of Fairtrade

  • Good agricultural and environmental practices, including responsible water and waste management.
  • Respect and maintenance of biodiversity and soil fertility.
  • Reduction in the use of pesticides and pesticides and a ban on the use of hazardous materials.
  • Ban on the use of GMOs.
  • Organic certification is not required, but promoted and supported with Minimum Prices Fairtrade higher for organic products.

Social criteria of Fairtrade

  • Small producers must be organized in a democratic way (typically in a cooperative form), they must follow participatory, transparent and inclusive decision-making processes (in particular regarding gender equality).
  • In plantation contexts, where it is normal to have salaried employees, companies must hire on a non-discriminatory basis, pay wages equal to or higher than the legal or local minimum wages, ensure employees freedom of association and collective bargaining, safeguard workers' health and allow them to manage the Reward Fairtrade.
  • The standards prohibit forced labor and child labor.

“Products with the Brand FAIRTRADE have been certified according to the Standards Fairtrade. When these criteria are not met, the producer organization is suspended until corrective measures are put in place and verified. Otherwise, it is decertified ”.

Fairtrade and Sustainable Development goals (video)

Fairtrade change people's lives by transforming commerce.

“For three decades we have been working to achieve fairer deals for farmers and workers in developing countries, and we are now an important driver of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SGDs - adopted in 2015 by the United Nations - are 17 ambitious global goals to achieve sustainable development by 2030 "

"If achieved, they could improve the lives of 1,3 billion smallholder farmers and workers who produce the food and products we all depend on."

“However, there is still a long way to go. Despite the progress made, more than 780 million people still live below the poverty line. 152 million children are victims of child labor. Climate change threatens to bring back what has been achieved at all levels. "

Fairtrade plays a central role in sustainable development. Almost all of the 169 targets supporting the Global Goals are in some way related to food and agriculture.

Download the presentation PDF: Fairtrade and the Sustainable Development Goals

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A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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Fairtrade for Companies

Are you a producer? You want to get certified Fairtrade and apply the logo Fairtrade on your products? Then you need to contact Fairtrade Italy

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