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What Plastica Seconda Vita?

Certified Logo Plastica Seconda Vita Certification Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV) is an IPPR trademark - Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics.

Certification Plastica Seconda Vita covers a wide range of products created thanks to the recycling of plastic, in various commercial and industrial sectors.

Second Life Plastic it is applicable to any product made with recycled plastic, but places a different label based on the origin of the recycled plastic, or based on the use to be made of the product. We will explain this concept further below.

The importance of this certification is highlighted by thinking about 350 million tons of plastic produced every year in the world, of which less than 30% is recycled: the environmental pollution caused by plastic is devastating. This is one of the reasons why thetextile innovation invests heavily in the development of BioPlastics, trying to revolutionize the sector by introducing biodegradable or compostable plastic materials to the market.

Many colored microplastics

The goal ofInstitute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics is to give value to waste such as used plastic, which must be considered a resource for our planet.

While we are aware that plastic is a serious environmental problem, we are equally aware that we cannot "burn" it to dispose of it.

With proper separate collection we could do without producing nuogoes plastic, exploiting the one already present on the market until it is exhausted, or in any case until bioplastics can definitively replace it.

Many are already available alternatives to plastic, but the production of the traditional one does not seem to slow down. Much will depend on us consumers, as we dictate the laws of the market. We will never tire of saying it: if we increase our awareness and attention by purchasing products made with recycled plastic, companies will act accordingly by reducing the use of traditional plastic.

Purchase certified products Second Life Plastic it's a step forward, but let's see this certification in detail.

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Certification Plastica Seconda Vita (PSV)

Thanks to the certification Second Life Plastic we can choose to buy more ecological products, as it will be enough to find the label PSV on any product made from plastic and be aware that some of its composition is made from recycled plastic. Another PSV-like certification is Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which however does not limit its action to only plastic, but also works with other recycled textile materials.

Certification Second Life Plastic it helps companies and consumers, but also public bodies to make more sustainable choices.

For example, the Ministerial Decree of 22 February 2011 - "Minimum criteria for public administration green tenders for the purchase of textiles, office furniture, public lighting, IT equipment" signed by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, it has entered the certification Second Life Plastic in the program PAN GPP.

We know that everything starts from the top, and as far as we can commit ourselves to separate collection and to preserve the environment, the important choices - those that really make the difference - belong to large companies and even more so to world governments.

Il PAN GPP - National Action Plan Green Public Procurement (Green Public Purchases) is a program born in 2003, which provides for the purchase of products with low environmental impact throughout the public sector (ministries, offices, organizations, etc.). For Green Public Purchases we mean: textiles, furnishings, lighting, electrical / IT equipment.

But .. you are looking for certified products Plastica Seconda Vita?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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Sectors that use certification Plastica Seconda Vita

  • Building
  • Packaging
  • Gardening
  • Containers
  • urban lease
  • Optical
  • Textile
  • Household products
  • Furniture

Second Life Plastic Separate Collection

Second Life Plastic from Separate CollectionCertification Second Life Plastic Separate Collection it can be applied to products created using the recycling of plastic coming from national separate collection.

The recycled plastic is first selected by the companies that deal with its recycling. Subsequently, the recycled plastic is separated into groups based on the type and use that may arise after recycling.

Other companies will buy recycled plastics to produce an infinite range of products: from toys to packaging. These products will be able to use the brand Second Life Plastic to certify that the plastic used to make the product is recycled, and that it comes from national separate waste collection.

The percentage of recycled plastic must be at least 30% in order to apply the certification PSV.

Second Life Plastic Industrial Waste

Second Life Plastic from Industrial WasteCertification Second Life Plastic Industrial Waste can be applied to products created using recycled plastic from industrial waste.

As for the separate collection, also in this case all the plastic to be recycled ends up in the companies specialized in the recycling of plastic, which separate it into groups.

Companies involved in the production of plastic products buy recycled plastic and use it to create products whose composition varies from 30% to 100% recycled plastic, thus obtaining the right to apply the logo PSV.

Second Life Plastic Mix Eco

Second Life Plastic Mix EcoCertification Second Life Plastic Mix Eco it can be applied to products created using the recycling of plastic coming from separate collection and industrial waste.

Recycled plastic is prepared by companies that specialize in its recycling and then sold to other companies who will use it to make their recycled plastic products PSV.

The percentage of recycled plastic varies from 30% to 100%.

Second Life Plastic Ecological Pipe

Second Life Plastic Ecological PipeCertification Second Life Plastic Ecological Pipe can be applied to products created using the recycling of plastic from plastic pipes.

Pipes previously used for sewers or water pipes, electricity or telephone lines, are recycled by specialized companies and returned to the European market in the form of certified recycled plastic PSV.

Second Life Plastic Food

Second Life Plastic FoodCertification Second Life Plastic Food it can be applied to products created using the recycling of the resulting plastic from any industry, provided that it complies with the regulations in force for plastic in contact with food.

This type of recycled plastic is different from the previous ones: even if they all have to respect different production standards, for “food” plastic the production rules are clearly more restrictive.

Being in direct contact with food, not all recycled plastics can be suitable for this purpose. Here because Second Life Plastic certify this type of plastic with a logo PSV different, which offers greater safety guarantees (chemical / toxic).

Plastic Second Life Bag

Plastic Second Life BagCertification Plastic Second Life Bag can be applied to reusable bags created using recycled plastic.

Shopping bags are the ones we find in supermarkets, but be careful because we are not talking about organic ones, but reusable plastic bags.

Some of these shopping bags are made with recycled plastic, and the label PSV certifies its origin and traceability.

Second Life Plastic in Textiles

Given the increasing awareness of the problem by consumers, different textile companies have ventured into this sector by creating truly effective business models. Let's think about synthetic yarns Econyl e NewLife.

Econyl is a nylon of nuogeneration must be created from 100% recycled plastic, a plastic coming from industrial waste, and partly recovered in the oceans (fishing nets). NewLife it is instead made with recycled plastic bottles thanks to separate collection.

Both are Italian projects, and they both use certified ecological processes with low environmental impact. They respect the European legislation REACH which limits the use of chemicals during production, and have textile certifications like Second Life Plastic, but also GRS, Oeko-Tex e BlueSign.

Also taking into account that Econyl e NewLife are recyclable and disposable in the separate collection of plastic (while maintaining the problem of the release of microplastics while washing), some overall synthetic fibers made with recycled plastic can be considered more sustainable than natural fibers of dubious origin such as cotton.

The Second Life of Plastic

Recycled plastic has a lower environmental impact than manufacturing nuogoes plastic.

While fueling the problem of microplastics and with the awareness that "The less plastic we use, the better for the planet" the weighing pan leans in favor of the use of recycled plastic: we have tons of this material and it is absurd to think of being able to dispose of it with the use of incinerators.

Furthermore, no one would clean up the world of plastic "free“, And it is for this reason that we believe i nuovi business models based on plastic recycling. In an ideal world, where the economy takes a back seat in favor of safeguarding the human species and the environment, our personal lineup would be this:

  1. Slow down the production of nuogoes plastic.
  2. Increase the production of bioplastics.
  3. Collection of plastic from the environment.
  4. Optimization of separate collection.
  5. Recycling of collected plastic.
  6. Reuse of plastic.
  7. Replacement of virgin plastic with recycled plastic (while stocks last) and with alternative materials: biodegradable, compostable.

Second Life Plastic for Companies

Are you a producer? You want to get certified Second Life Plastic and apply the PSV logo on your products? Then you must contact the certifying body for the Italian market:
IPPR - Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics

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