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Regulatory logo ReachREACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) is the European regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals, which entered into force in 2007 replacing the previous legislative framework for the use of chemicals in the European Union.

It is a regulation that excludes from production the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment and human health.

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The legislation REACH transfers responsibility for the risks posed by chemicals from public authorities to industry, especially as regards the evaluation and management of these substances.

REACH it is applied to any sector / industry that uses potentially toxic chemicals, including the textile industry, where the use of these substances is very widespread: in every phase of production, from the cultivation of the raw material (such as cotton could be) , to the processing of the same, passing through all the production processes. The environmental pollution caused by the textile industry is devastating, and has been a very serious problem for several years, to be addressed as quickly as possible.

The legislation REACH it also applies to those materials produced directly in the laboratory, whether they are synthetic fabrics derived from petroleum products, either artificial fabrics derived from organic (natural) raw materials.

REACH also requires nuoforms of cooperation between industries and public bodies, improving communication along the supply chain, developing tools to guide and assist the very industries that use these chemicals, and public authorities that have to offer logistical support to companies.

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Regulation REACH

The legislation REACH it is applied in Europe in all industrial sectors: cosmetics, textiles, toys, etc. Any industry that needs to create a product for which it needs to use chemicals must take the legislation into account REACH, consequently use only chemicals allowed in the percentages described in the regulation.

Thousands of toxic substances used up to 2007 have been banned, regulated in their use, or replaced with chemicals that are equally less dangerous for human health and the environment.

REACH evolves from year to year with nuove rules, whose primary objective is to further reduce the environmental impact, as per the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. According to scientific studies carried out annually, some chemicals enter the black list, others are limited in usable quantities, while others, those recently developed and considered more ecological, take over from older, more polluting substances.

This evolution of the legislation REACH also happens thanks to the collaboration between GreenPeace and the European Union. The non-profit organization GreenPeace has been fighting for more sustainable fashion for years, in fact it has launched a campaign called Detox My Fashion, involving major international fashion brands and the major distribution chains of the Fast Fashion.

The greatest evolution of REACH is the analysis of "finished" products imported from other countries, which must comply with the standards dictated by REACH even if made in other countries outside the European Union.

The verification of these products is not 100% guaranteed, as these are self-certifications of the manufacturer and therefore a lot depends on the transparency of the company that imports the product into Europe and who produces it, who should ensure that it respects the legislation REACH.

Sectors affected by the legislation REACH

Unfortunately, self-certifications are not always so reliable, which is why we look forward to further evolution of REACH on imported products.

Europe is a large importer of low-cost Asian products, especially in the textile sector where Fast Fashion of the large distribution chains holds almost the entire market of Italian fashion.

Apply the legislation "to the letter" REACH on imported products could drastically cut the import of these products, also bringing economic benefits to companies that still have the courage to work in Europe.

Forcing Asian producers to comply with this legislation is a concrete goal that could make their products more environmentally friendly, with great benefits for the entire global ecosystem.

How it works REACH?

All products made at in Europe comply with the law REACH.

But suppose we are talking about a garment made of cotton fabric, which cotton comes from Bangladesh. In this case we do not know how the cotton was produced, with what criteria, what substances they used during cultivation, etc, because the current legislation REACH it does not provide for controls on imported products, but only provides for self-certifications by importers.

Cotton arrives in Europe and processed in the packaging industries, which will have to comply with the legislation REACH throughout the production phase, cutting, dyeing, printing, washing, up to the packaging of the finished product.

But doubt will remain about cotton from Bangladesh.

We can therefore consider REACH as a "low environmental impact production certificate"? By purchasing Made in Europe products we certainly have more guarantees regarding the reduced environmental impact, but also aware that the evolution of REACH it will be more and more restrictive at the moment it is necessary to go further, looking for products that have more textile certifications.

REACH and ecological clothing

Fashion in pollution are closely related topics but we can talk about 100% ecological clothing when is it made in Europe? Not really, given that the legislation REACH still has a long way to go.

But if we had to choose between a product made in China, India, Bangladesh and the like, or a product made in Europe, our choice would fall on products made in Europe.

Turkey also applies its own legislation REACH, which takes the name of KKDIK extension. As Turkey is a country rich in textile industries, we believe it is a good step forward and it is right to mention them.

To talk about ecological clothing we must therefore understand the importance of ecological fabrics and the numerous textile certifications available.

But .. you are looking for certified products Reach?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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Difference between REACH and Oeko-Tex

The legislation REACH and its rules are similar to those dictated by certification Oeko-Tex default 100

A Made in Europe product complies with the law REACH and, if the company also requests the Oeko-Tex certificate, it can be considered as a further guarantee of sustainability. In the textile sector there is a very clear rule: the greater the number of textile certifications applied to the finished product, the lower the chances of fraud, the lower the environmental impact, and the lower the chances that this product will be made using cheap labor. .

However, it remains complex to judge differences between REACH and Oeko-Tex, as we are talking about a list of thousands of chemicals banned, and just as many limited in use. However, we keep in mind that REACH it is a mandatory European regulation, while Oeko-Tex is a voluntary certification (companies must apply to obtain it).

This is definitely the most important difference between REACH and Oeko-Tex.

Chemicals prohibited from REACH

The list of chemicals regulated by REACH it's really a long time, we're talking about thousands of chemicals. If the topic is of interest to you, we will leave you a link that is right for you, on this site find all banned and regulated chemicals.

Birth and goals of REACH (video)

REACH for Companies

Are you a producer? You want to get certified REACH and apply the logo REACH on your products? Then you must contact the certifying body for the Italian market: REACH.GOV.IT

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