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What ReMade in Italy?

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ReMade in Italy® is a product certification under accreditation.

Developed within the non-profit association of the same name, it allows a company to declare the content of recycled material (or by-products), expressed as a percentage, within a material, semi-finished or finished product, of any type ( also composed of different materials) and belonging to any supply chain.

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What is the goal of the certification ReMade in Italy?

Certification ReMade in Italy certifies the traceability within the production for the entire production chain, from the verification of the origin of the incoming raw materials to the finished product:

The certification is recognized in CAM (minimum environmental criteria) and in the provisions that provide for serious taxes and incentives for the recycled content.

ReMade in Italy it is the reference certification for circular economy products in Italy.

What are the standards of ReMade in Italy?

The label ReMade in Italy issued on the certified product communicates the environmental impacts associated with the use of recovered material instead of virgin material: material savings, climate-altering emissions savings and energy savings.

An effective and direct label for the final consumer, increasingly attentive to environmental issues:

Certification ReMade in Italy label applied to the product

What are the reference sectors of ReMade in Italy?

Certification ReMade in Italy is aimed at materials, semi-finished and finished products, of any type and belonging to any supply chain. Among these we point out the most common:

  • Clothing and footwear
  • Building
  • roads
  • urban lease
  • Interior furniture
  • Packaging
  • pavements
  • Insulators
  • Materials and semi-finished products
  • complements
  • Toner
But .. you are looking for certified products ReMade in Italy?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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How to get certified ReMade in Italy?

The first thing to do is to fill out the application form.

The Association ReMade in Italy will contact the certified certification bodies for the formulation of a quote.

Are you a producer? You want to get certified ReMade in Italy and apply their logo on your products? Fill out the questionnaire and wait to be contacted.

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