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Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

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What is the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)?

Il Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is a voluntary certification developed by Textile Exchange with contributions from farmers, animal welfare experts, land conservation experts, brands and retailers from all over the world.

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It deals with stimulating effective practices for the welfare of geese, ducks, and other animals commonly raised for their feathers with which fashion brands make stuffing and duvets, but also used for mattresses, pillows, and much more.

What exactly does "well-being" mean? This market is famous for its cruelty, and is one of the models of intensive breeding worst ever. Read this article to better understand what is happening in the feather market.

The main objectives of the certification Responsible Down Standard (RDS):

  • Protect the welfare of animals
  • Communicate securely
  • Involve all stakeholders
  • Ensure credible certification
  • No live plucking
  • No to forced feeding
  • Guaranteed chain of custody

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Standard of Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

  • Ensure "to the fullest extent possible" that the down and feathers do not come from animals that have been subjected to unnecessary torture.
  • Rewards and influences the down and feather industry towards practices that respect the humane treatment of ducks and geese.
  • It provides businesses and consumers with a tool to know what's in their products and to make accurate claims.
  • Ensure a strong chain of custody for certified materials as they move through the supply chain.

Responsible Down Standard Is (RDS) Cruelty Free?

La Responsible Down Standard (RDS) it cannot be considered as a cruelty free certification, but it also depends on the vision we have of cruelty free fashion: if our view is open, that is, we accept the fact that feather animals will still be kept for many years (since we feed on them), and consequently they will lose their feathers naturally, then we can consider the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) a cruelty free certification, since it guarantees that the feathers will not be plucked from the animals, but collected only when the moult takes place.

If, on the other hand, we think that geese and other feathered animals should no longer be bred, then we cannot consider it cruelty free, as certified feathers Responsible Down Standard (RDS) they are and will always be of animal origin.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Environment

Certification Responsible Down Standard (RDS) it is not particularly concerned with preserving the environment, even if the “animal welfare” included in the certification standards takes into account farms that are well cared for, clean and kept in the best possible way.

Leatherwear Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

We have chosen not to sponsor brands that use certified feathers Responsible Down Standard (RDS), neither on this website nor in our search engine for sustainable fashion ecoFashion.

We believe this is certainly a valid certification, but the use of feathers is not included in our vision of cruelty free fashion.

However you can find a list of brands and manufacturers that make use of the certification RDS on the official website of Textile Exchange.

But .. you are looking for certified products Responsible Down Standard (RDS)?

A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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Responsible Down Standard (RDS) for Companies

Are you a producer? You want to get certified Responsible Down Standard and apply its logo on your products? Then you have to contact the certifying body: Textile Exchange.

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