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What Bemberg?

Bemberg™ is a man-made fiber from cellulose regenerated obtained from cotton linter.

Cotton linters are very short fibers, which envelop the cotton seed after the ginning process. They are usually considered pre-consumer waste.

Bemberg is a fabric made from the waste from the cottonseed oil production process. It is an ecological, biodegradable and compostable material.

The cotton linter is refined and melted to produce pure regenerated artificial fiber, through a method that exploits the proprietary technology of the homonymous company.

An environmentally friendly production, which includes a closed loop system which allows the recovery and reuse of the main chemicals used, while achieving zero waste emissions:

Closed-loop fabric production Bemberg

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The sustainability of Bemberg

In addition to a sustainable production model, the company wanted to highlight one of the most impactful features from an environmental point of view: Co2 emissions from fabrics at the end of their life and in particular when these enter incinerators.

The chart below shows how the fabric Bemberg, when it is "burned", it emits much less harmful substances for the environment:

Co2 emissions of tissues when burned

It is a determining factor, since at present more than 80% of textiles are burned, unfortunately only a small part is recycled.

Another feature that makes this fabric sustainable is the biodegradability.

The tests carried out by the company show how Bemberg, if left exposed to external agents such as earth and water, biodegrades in just 4 weeks:

Biodegradability of the fabric in 4 weeks Bemberg

The characteristics of the fabric Bemberg

Gentle on the skin thanks to the fibers with a smooth surface, Bemberg is a low abrasion material that allows for smooth movements.

With its bright colors and unique textures, Bemberg gives a sense of strong presence.

When used to make a piece of clothing, Bemberg has the ability to form a beautiful silhouette. This happens when the soft and hard parts of the fiber combine with the moderate weight of the moisture contained within it.

As a result, it displays well-balanced drapery.

Bemberg has excellent skills retain moisture, and is therefore a hygroscopic fabric:

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, it has the ability to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, to which are added excellent antistatic properties.

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A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

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Washing of fabrics

How to wash Bemberg?

On most of the articles of Bemberg there is a “dryclean” label. This means that although it is sturdy enough, you should avoid washing it too often.

If machine washing is the only option available, be sure to select a gentle, cold wash cycle, or better hand wash it.

Do not dry the garment in Bemberg in the dryer, because it has negative effects on the fibers.

This fabric wrinkles easily, but do not iron it at high temperatures.

Do you want to wash your clothes while minimizing water pollution?

  1. We have selected one of the most sustainable detergent and detergent brands click here to buy an ecological detergent
  2. You could use a Washing Ball to wash without using detergents click here to buy a washing ball
  3. You could use the nuovissimo Ecoegg, a nice ecological egg with which you can do about 720 washes click here to buy the ecoegg egg


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Where can I buy the fabric in Bemberg?

Vesti la natura has created a table with more than 40 sustainable materials, their respective applications in the textile sector, and their suppliers (even for small quantities). To access the table we ask you to donate a small financial contribution to our association. Click here for more information.

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