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What Orange Fiber?

Orange Fiber is an artificial textile fiber of natural origin, the first in the world to be extracted from citrus fruit production waste. A proudly Made in Italy idea that was born in Sicily thanks to two girls who firmly believe in the development of a more sustainable fashion.

Orange Fiber it is a fiber similar to silk in characteristics, and is currently used by the Salvatore Ferragamo brand for luxurious women's clothing collections and by H&M for its Conscious Collection.

However, we hope to see it soon used by other fashion brands as well.

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The idea of Orange Fiber

Adriana Santanocito has fulfilled the dream of transforming citrus by-products in fabric, from here it comes Orange Fiber. In collaboration with a laboratory of the Milan Polytechnic, Adriana demonstrated that her idea was feasible: to extract the cellulose from citrus waste and transform it into a silk-like biodegradable fiber, thus creating a form of viscose ecological.

Adriana Santanocito is not alone in this adventure, even her current partner Enrico Arena contributes to the development of Orange Fiber, a fabric that can be used in various ways, from the creation of luxurious dresses to the creation of shirts and scarves.

Italian citrus scraps to make Orange Fiber

Every year 2.5 million tons of citrus fruits are placed on the market and, in Italy alone, 700 thousand tons of citrus by-products are thrown away every year, but what if these scraps were transformed into clothes?

Imagine being able to recover them and transform them into yarns like Orange Fiber. It would be a wonderful thing for our planet to consume so many natural resources, which is why we love the idea that Orange Fiber can enter anyone's wardrobes, not just those who can afford Salvatore Ferragamo clothing.

The evolution of Orange Fiber

  • 2013 patent filed in Italy
  • 2014 establishment of the company + first fabric prototype
  • 2015 completed the first pilot plant
  • 2016 PCT in national phases + contract with Salvatore Ferragamo + Global Change Awards
  • 2017 first pilot production + first Ferragamo production
  • 2019 launch of Orange Fiber in the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection
  • 2019 launch of the Equity Crowdfunding campaign to create a pilot plant that can produce fiber faster
  • 2021 partnership with Lenzing AG (manufacturer of TENCEL) to produce an exclusive fiber in a mixture of wood pulp and orange pulp

The evolution of Orange Fiber in time

Orange Fiber at the Global Change Award 2015

This was definitely the breakthrough year for Orange Fiber.

Enrica and Adriana presented Orange Fiber at the Global Change Award 2015, receiving a prize of € 150.000. In fact, the project was selected among the best 5 out of 2700 projects from 112 different countries.

Since that day the team has progressed quickly.

Thanks to the financial support received from the Global Change Award, Orange Fiber has significantly increased research and development, laying a solid foundation for the future of the company. The high visibility obtained in the Global Change Award 2016 further helped them to better develop their business model as well as their product.

In 2017 the Orange Fiber has started a partnership with a Sicilian producer to obtain more raw material, namely the citrus peel. They therefore continue to explore alternative partnerships for fiber spinning with the aim of increasing production.

Also in 2017 they created a collection with the exclusive Italian fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo, which used 10.000 meters of fabric Orange Fiber to create the first collection of clothing in Orange Fiber.

In 2019 H&M launches its Conscious Exclusive collection with Orange Fiber: presented with dedicated events all over the world, a few hours after the official launch the top made of fabric Orange Fiber it sold out.

Top made by H&M in orange fiber

Always in 2019 Orange Fiber launches an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, signing a great success by obtaining 650 thousand euros in loans to increase their production and supply faster the fashion brands that will request the fabric (see the results of the campaign on Crowdfundme.it).

We are confident that with the success of the Equity Crowdfunding campaign Orange Fiber can achieve the success it deserves.

In 2021 an interesting partnership was born between Lenzing AG and Orange Fiber, which have the first fiber lyocell brand TENCEL composed of orange pulp and wood sources, presenting a nuomust be offered sustainable forfashion industry: TENCEL ™ Limited Edition

Orange Fiber Textile Fiber

We know that the company's goal is to make the fabric Orange Fiber as similar as possible to silk, and according to their statements, the goal has been achieved. Unfortunately we never got to touch the fabric, so we can't add much to what we have already said.

We can tell you the name Orange Fiber can be misleading, as they are not used alone scraps of oranges, but also those of other citrus fruits such as lemons, tangerines and grapefruits.

Orange Fiber is made from 100% natural cellulose, and is therefore a biodegradable fabric. This feature, combined with the natural dyes that are applied to the fabric -white by nature-, and the fiber extraction process that uses only ecological chemicals, means that Orange Fiber enter by right among ours ecological fabrics favorite.

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A showcase where you can find Sustainable, ethical and cruelty free fashion brands guaranteed by the supervision of our association:

Illustration of a green dress

Maintenance of ecological fabrics

How to wash Orange Fiber?

The environmental impact of laundry detergents and household cleaners is devastating to our planet, so we highly recommend using ecological detergents.

Orange Fiber it is part of the viscose family. In the past, they were called artificial silk, or even vegetable silk, due to its silky and airy texture. Fabrics made with this material are light, highly breathable, dry quickly and, above all, hardly produce creases, lending themselves very well to the production of "no-iron" garments, which save time and effort.

As for the washes, the garments in Orange Fiber they can be easily washed both by hand and in the washing machine. The golden rule of observing etiquette also applies to Orange Fiber, as it is the most effective way to check if the garments require separate washing or special treatments.


If you are preparing to wash by hand, you need to fill a basin with warm water and a little ecological liquid detergent, preferably for delicates. After leaving the clothes to soak for about a quarter of an hour, rinse under cold running water, wring lightly and hang out in the open air or on the drying rack, according to your needs.

Machine wash

For washing in the washing machine it is advisable to choose a program for delicate garments, preferably not higher than 30 degrees, add a little delicate liquid detergent, a teaspoon of bicarbonate and start the cycle, avoiding spinning to the end: ideal it would be to squeeze the garments slightly, to avoid deformation during drying.

Do you want to wash your clothes while minimizing water pollution?

  1. We have selected one of the most sustainable detergent and detergent brands click here to buy an ecological detergent
  2. You could use a Washing Ball to wash without using detergents click here to buy a washing ball
  3. You could use the nuovissimo Ecoegg, a nice ecological egg with which you can do about 720 washes click here to buy the ecoegg egg


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Our answers:

Where can I buy the fabric in Orange Fiber?

At the moment it is not possible to buy Orange Fiber. Vesti la natura has created a table with more than 40 sustainable materials, their respective applications in the textile sector, and their suppliers (even for small quantities). To access the table we ask you to donate a small financial contribution to our association. Click here for more information.

Where can I buy clothing in Orange Fiber?

It is possible to buy clothes made with Orange Fiber only from the Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo and from H&M.

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